The vision of the BSW Academy Improvement Pillar is to create a multi-agency and muti-disciplinary centre of excellence to build and spread a consistent and accessible continuous quality improvement culture across our BSW partnership.


Why focus on continuous quality improvement (CQI)?

An important ingredient in successful and sustained improvement is the way in which the change is introduced, implemented, and maintained. When a CQI approach is well embedded and used, not only does it improve care, but it provides a platform to ensure that high quality care is sustainable, accessible for all, and care will continue to improve on an ongoing basis.

Adopting a structured improvement approach has been shown to deliver many widely recognised benefits including:


Better population outcomes and reducing health inequalities

Enhancing safety, experience, and clinical effectiveness to improve outcomes and reduce harm

Increasing efficiency and value for money

A workforce that is motivated and empowered to deliver safe, high-quality, and reliable care

Improving staff experience and morale

Flattening hierarchies and ensuring that all staff have the time, permission, skills and knowledge to collaborate on planning and delivering improvement.

Harnessing collective creativity and solving problems together

Engaging and coproducing improvement and transformation with our population

Joining up areas of excellent practice and supporting shared learning, both locally and nationally

Our ambition is to ensure CQI is everyone’s business and a golden thread through everything we do within the BSW Academy and BSW Partnership.

What is continuous quality improvement?

CQI is an approach to improving service quality, patient outcomes, efficiency, and staff morale simultaneously. It involves a systematic and coordinated approach to solving a problem using specific evidence-based methods and tools with the aim of bringing about a measurable improvement. CQI can deliver sustained improvements not only in the quality, experience, productivity and outcomes of care, but also in the lives of the people working in health and care.

CQI draws on a wide variety of evidence-based methods, although many share underlying principles, including:

Identifying the issue

Understanding the problem from a range of perspectives, with a particular emphasis on using and interpreting data

Developing a theory of change

Identifying and testing potential solutions; using data to measure the impact of each test and gradually refining the solution to the problem

Implementing the solution and ensuring that the change is sustained as in practice (Health Foundation, 2021)

Our aim is to develop a culture of continuous quality improvement within our Integrated Care System (ICS), where staff at all levels have the confidence to highlight areas for improvement and then have the skills, knowledge, and support to be able to implement improvements.


The Improvement Pillar provides colleagues across BSW with the opportunity to join an engaging community, committed to improving the quality of services for the people of BSW. The Improvement Pillar will enable the delivery of our system improvement ambitions by:

Working with BSW partners across the system, outside of traditional boundaries to embed CQI principles and approaches through collaborative working.

Providing training, tools, coaching and support, to enable all BSW colleagues to adopt CQI principles and approach.

Establishing effective leadership for improvement

Promoting a shared understanding of improvement initiatives across BSW, reducing silo working and duplication of effort

Group 4

Supporting measurement and evaluation of the ongoing effectiveness of continuous improvement initiatives across BSW.

Horizon scanning for best practice both within and beyond BSW, ensuring learning and best practice is shared, celebrated and adopted between internal partners and external organisations.

To enable this in practice, we will grow an Improvement Community of Practice made up of colleagues from across our health and social care system to embed a continuous improvement approach in all our ways of working.

The Community of Practice aims to create an enabling meeting space and network for discussion and collaboration around continuous quality improvement with improved opportunities to share information, knowledge, best practice, and lessons learned.

Our measures of success will be:

  • Staff who are passionate about the delivery of improving high-quality care for our population
  • Staff and leaders at all levels who are engaged, confident and committed to making improvements
  • Increasing the number of staff trained in improvement methodology
  • Evidence of adoption and spread of local, regional, and national best practice
  • Improved connections and joint working with planning teams
  • Increased connectivity and consistency between system wide improvement teams and expertise, inclusive of our citizens
  • Improved evidence of consistency and measurable improvements in outcomes and quality
  • Sharing opportunities and learning with peers and networks to build skills and knowledge transfer

Tools and Resources

A repository of evidence-based improvement methodologies.

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CQI Tools and Templates

West of England Academic Health Science Network Quality Improvement Tools

NHS Improvement Quality and Service Improvement Redesign Tools

EBCD: Experience-based co-design toolkit

NHS England Making Data Count

A guide that is designed to support people working in the NHS to make the best use of their data to inform judgements and decisions for action.

West of England AHSN Guide to making a QI Poster

CQI Training

Improvement Academy Bronze QI Training

Improvement Academy Bronze Level Human Factors Training - Bronze level Human Factors Training

Quality Improvement in Healthcare: The Case for Change. A free, six-week course developed and delivered by the West of England AHSN and University of Bath

CQI Websites and Literature

The Health Foundation

Quality improvement made simple. What everyone should know about health care quality improvement

The Health Foundation

The habits of an improver. Thinking about learning for improvement in health care

IHI Psychology of Change Framework to Advance and Sustain Improvement

Kings Fund.

Making the case for Quality Improvement: lessons for NHS boards and leaders

NHSE An Introduction to Quality Improvement in General Practice

NHS England. The Change Model Guide

NHSE Leading Large Scale Change: A practical guide

Academy of Fab NHS Stuff

Q Community

Institute for Healthcare Improvement.


Evaluation Works Toolkit

The Health Foundation, Evaluation: What to consider. Commonly Asked questions about how to approach evaluation of quality improvement in health care.

Improvement Training Opportunities

The Improvement Pillar is currently developing a BSW-wide improvement training offer.
We will ensure any available training opportunities are added to this page as they become available.

Improvement Academy Bronze QI Training

Improvement Academy Bronze Level Human Factors Training - Bronze level Human Factors Training