GP practice staff pick up tips for greener primary care

Staff at GP practices in BSW have been learning how small changes and green initiatives can help to reduce their environmental impact.

Representatives from practices attended meetings organised in BaNES, Swindon and Wiltshire during May to pass on ideas about change within primary care.

Attendees were given insights into how health care will not only be impacted by adverse weather events caused by climate change, but also how it contributes to a significant proportion of greenhouse gases too.

Graham Pike, Associate Director of Nursing & Infection Prevention and Control at Great Western Hospital in Swindon spoke about climate change and asthma while GP Kat Bristol addressed how greener practice can improve patient and staff morale by investing in green spaces around GP surgeries, investing in green social prescribing and how reducing energy consumption can help practices financially. You can learn more about BSW ICB’s Green Plan here: Greener BSW