How will being part of BSW ICS make a difference to you?

Jasvinder Sohal is Chief People Officer at BSW ICB and was previously Chief People Officer at Solent NHS Trust where she led the People and Organisational Development, Diversity and Inclusion and Health and Wellbeing teams. She has previously worked as an employment law solicitor before taking roles in the commercial sector. Her passion is for making a positive difference for the people she works with and the importance of making work a fulfilling experience for everyone – knowing how having happy, supported staff inevitably leads to great care for patients.

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How will being part of BSW Integrated Care System benefit colleagues working across BSW?

This is a great opportunity to for us to say: “it makes sense for us to work together in some things”. There might be some opportunities for us to say – lets all put our heads together and tackles things together. As a chief people officer, one of the things I’m exploring is how do we help to recruit people internationally for both health and social care.

How will the way colleagues work together as part of BSW ICB develop in the future?

Instead of being in our own organisations and doing our own things and not being clear about what else is out there. Because we are open with each other and talking to each other, we’re gathering all of that intelligence and working together to get the right answers for our citizens, community and patients. And that will open up the opportunity for us to be more curious with each other, ask the right questions, bring in different thinking and come up with innovative ideas we wouldn’t have done on our own.

How can we all make BSW ICS a place where more people will want to come and work?

opening up pathways where joining BSW means you have the chance to have really great opportunities to weave your own career pathway across all of the differ organisations that exist in BSW would be an amazing opportunity and I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to create that.

How will we all work differently together in the future as part of the BSW ICS?

My impression is that we are behaving differently with each other and have a different frame of mind. Instead of concentrating on urgent medical attention, we are looking at things through the wider lens of how we can ensure the right thing is happening for an individual. So, we don’t keep people in a hospital, instead we think about if we can we help them at home, visit them from a community perspective. The people I’m  coming across are all thinking like that, it’s not about organisations working as they have always done things, it’s about thinking about things differently and people are keen to do that, there is a desire for change.