New Inclusive Training offer from BSW Academy

Want to know how to create an inclusive workplace? Then these bitesize sessions are for you.

The training is part of the BSW Academy and in partnership with Wiltshire Council who will be delivering the planned sessions. The training is available to all staff and partners.

Creating an Inclusive workplace, (14 March 2-4.30pm, 20 April 10-12.30pm, 24 May 2-4.30pm) Learn how to create a more inclusive workplace by understanding and challenging stereotypes and barriers to inclusion. ​​​​​​​An essential workshop for all staff and managers.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, (14 March 10-12.30pm, 20 April, 2-4.30pm, 24 May 10-12.30pm) If you regularly recruit staff or manage a team, this is for you. Understand the legal essentials of equality and diversity at work including the types of discrimination. You will also learn about microaggressions and their long-term effect on individuals.

Cultural Competence in the community, (22 March 2-4.30pm 26 April 10-12:30pm 30 May 10-12:30pm) How to work with your service users in a more culturally competent way and view perspectives from another cultural lens.

Terminology and the language of race, (22 March 10-11am, 26 April 2-3pm, 30 May 2-3pm). Unsure about how to talk about race or worried about using the wrong terminology. This is a safe place to ask questions and learn how to approach difficult conversations around race.

Spaces are on a first come, first serve basis and can be booked by emailing:

The BSW Academy, working with partners, has also secured further development opportunities able to support our middle managers as part of their leadership journey in system leadership and inclusion. Further detail on the content, intended staff groups and the recruitment process will be available in the next month.