Sharing electronic patient records across hospitals in BSW – get involved

Hospitals in BSW have completed a significant step in their journey to develop single Shared Electronic Patient Records across all three hospitals in the area.

Working together as the Acute Hospitals Alliance, the Royal United Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Bath, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Swindon and Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust have jointly completed the first stages of a procurement process to identify a potential provider for technology to bring IT systems and patient records together.

This will provide a step change in the way clinicians deliver care in BSW and will see many aspects of care standardised across the system with reduced variation in clinical pathways.

Now senior leaders overseeing the programme are asking all staff, especially clinicians across BSW, to get involved.

Jon Westbrook, Chief Medical Officer at Great Western Hospitals and Senior Responsible Officer for the programme said introducing Shared Electronic Patient Records (SEPR) across all three hospitals would be a major step forwards for patient care and asked local clinicians to get involved in the development of the programme.

“Delivering Shared Electronic Patient Records is one of our main strategic priorities as an alliance and one of the biggest programmes we will deliver, representing a real shift in the way we do our work.

“The benefits of SEPR are clear and include increased efficiency, better staff experience and improved patient care.

“We are asking staff to get involved to shape the SEPR over the coming months and years and the work we do now will make the patient care we are able to deliver in the future safer and more efficient.”

You can watch a short video of Dr John Westbrook talking about this issue here: Shared Electronic Patient Records

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