BSW ICB Board meets in public

The Board of the BSW Integrated Care Board held its regular meeting in public in Trowbridge last week.

The meeting was attended by members of the board and public.

In her report to the Board, ICB CEO Sue Harriman highlighted recent improvements across the Urgent and Emergency Care pathway, with a reduction in overall demand and activity, development of BSW’s 2023/24 operating plan and the development of shared electronic patient records across hospitals in BSW.

Other reports and items discussed included finances, emergency preparedness and current operational performance.

The Board also received an update on future commissioning arrangements for pharmacy, ophthalmic and dental services which, from 1 April 2023, will pass to BSW ICB.

This development has come about following legal changes introduced in the Health and Care Bill which was published in July 2021.

The process to transfer staff and funding for these services will commence shortly with consultation.

Work has been underway for some time to ensure the smooth transition of responsibility for these services to BSW ICB and for effective running and oversight of the services in the future.

The benefits for local people of BSW ICB taking on responsibility for commissioning these additional services include improved care quality, reduced health inequalities, improved health prevention, improved use of resources and clinical leadership in place to lead and collaboratively work to identify and oversee clinical improvements in services.

Papers and reports for the meeting can be found here: Meeting agenda and papers

The next meeting of the BSW Integrated Care Board takes place on Thursday 18May at 10am at a venue to be confirmed. Keep an eye on our events page for more information: Board meeting 18 May 2023

The next meeting of the Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire Integrated Care Partnership takes place at 1400-1500hrs on Wednesday 29 Mar at Council Chamber, County Hall, Bythsea Road, Trowbridge BA14 8JN.

Members of the public are able to join to observe the meeting either in person or online. Please register your interest by emailing