BSW workshop looks to address inequalities

As part of its ongoing work to address health inequalities and improve the diversity of its workforce the BSW Partnership held a workshop for system leaders in April to discuss how to deliver a comprehensive and systematic approach to tackling the issues.

Attended by BSW Partnership leaders and hosted by Independent Chair Stephanie Elsy, the workshop highlighted how issues around inequalities were “everybody’s business” which needed to be urgently addressed.

The event, which was the second held on inclusion following an inaugural workshop last summer, included discussions about where the Partnership is in terms of addressing inequalities and the diversity of its workforce.

Attendees also learnt about the progress that has been made throughout the BSW Partnership in tackling inequalities including the appointment of an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Lead to oversee work programmes and the establishment of an EDI Leads Network.

They also heard about recent projects to successfully address inequality issues. These include the Opening Doors online Q&A event which gave members of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities a chance to ask questions about the Covid vaccine. Another great example highlighted was the innovative reverse mentoring project underway at the Royal United Hospital which sees BAME staff mentor executive staff to foster an understanding of equality and diversity issues.

Key themes emerging during the session included the importance of sharing best practice throughout the Partnership so organisations can learn from each other’s approaches and the importance of learning lessons about health inequalities in BSW Communities highlighted during the Covid pandemic.

Stephanie Elsy, Chair of the BSW Partnership said the workshop underlined a commitment to tackling health inequalities and workforce diversity but added there was still a lot of work to do.

“There is a deep and genuine commitment to tackling these issues across BSW and ensuring diversity and inclusion in our workforce and these workshops have been a really valuable way of assessing how we continue to do this.

However, there is much to do, and we will use further meetings and ongoing work to ensure this agenda remains a central part of everything we are aiming to do through the BSW Partnership.”

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