Get involved and have your say

The BSW ICB is looking to improve outcomes in population health, provide better joined-up care, reduce health inequalities; enhance productivity and value for money and help the NHS support broader social and economic development.

But we won’t be able to do any of this without the involvement of local people, telling us their thoughts on how they would like to see health and care services develop and getting involved in our local decision making process.

As our new ICB moves forward, we have a number of ways you can get involved and join our journey to better integrate health and care.

The ICB Board will hold meetings in public on a regular basis – either in person or virtually depending on circumstances.

These meetings will give you an ideal opportunity to find out the issues our ICB board members are discussing, read minutes and ask questions. If you would like to attend or would like to submit a question, which will receive a written answer and be read out by our Chair Stephanie Elsy during the meeting, please do so at least five working days in advance of the meeting to give our teams a chance to gather the information needed for an answer.

Further information on how to do so as well as the agendas and meeting papers for these meetings will be posted on our website in advance of the meetings at

Meeting dates for the rest of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 will be announced shortly.

Additionally, you can find out about our engagement work by signing up to receive our People and Communities Bulletin by sending an email to