Giving our staff the tools to address health inequalities

Addressing the unfair and avoidable differences that can impact health across different communities is one of BSW Together’s top priorities.

In order to make progress with this aim, BSW Together is empowering staff working across all of its partner organisation by providing them with a new set of online tools and resources to better understand inequalities and find ways to address them.

The tools are hosted on BSW Together’s BSW Academy website. The BSW Academy is an important initiative to enable collaboration across health and care services for the benefit of the people working with us and those in our local communities.

The health inequalities tools, which have been developed by BSW Public Health teams, include presentations and background information about what health inequalities are, e-learning tools  to help health professionals systematically identify and address health inequalities and equity in their work programmes or services and links to further resources.

The tools are designed to help achieve a shared understanding of inequalities among staff across BSW Together and ways to address them.

Jane Moore, Director of Equalities, Innovation & Digital Enterprise for BSW ICB said:

“This is a real step forwards and a clear demonstration of BSW Together’s determination to tackle the unfair inequalities and avoidable differences that are impacting the health of local people across BSW.

“We recognise that working to reduce inequalities is complex and multifaceted, resulting from many interrelated factors.

“Working with other partners across Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire (BSW), we aim to make sure that tackling health inequalities becomes “everyone’s business” and is embedded in all the work of the health and care organisations that make up the BSW Integrated Care Partnership.

These new resources will give health professionals working across BSW the tools they need to address inequalities where they find them.”

You can read more about how BSW ICB is tackling health inequalities by reading our Inequalities Strategy on our website here: