Keyworker service


    This page covers the Keyworker Service that is available across BaNES, Swindon and Wiltshire.

    What is the Keyworker Service

    Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire’s (BSW’s) Keyworker Service will aim to address the challenges that children and young people in (or heading towards) mental health crisis face.

    A designated Keyworker will be matched to eligible children and young people to help them navigate and access health and care services.

    The service will support activities to avoid hospital admission and enable people to be supported at home and in their local community to better aid recovery.

    The Keyworker Service is independent from other services. Keyworkers ensure a person’s assessment, care and support are fully integrated across education, health, social care and voluntary and community services.

    Who is Eligible

    The Keyworker Service is for people who are:

    • Children and Young People aged 5 to 25
    • Registered with a GP in the BSW area
    • Have a diagnosis of autism or learning disability or both


    • Rated red or amber as being at risk of hospital admission on the Dynamic Support Register (DSR). You can find out more about the DSR by following the link at the bottom of this page.


    • An inpatient in a mental health hospital
    • A person in an acute hospital due to a mental health crisis.

    How a Keyworker can help

    A Keyworker will work directly with you and anyone who supports you. They will listen to you, get to know you and help you get the support you need to get well and stay well.

    They know about the support services in the area and will find out which ones would be best to help you. They will also support the services who are working with you to fully understand your individual needs and make sure that everything is joined up.

    With the right help and support you may be able to stay living at home, getting the care and treatment you need in your local community. Being in familiar surroundings often helps people to get better more quickly.

    The Keyworker will keep working with you until you decide together you no longer need their support.

    However, the Keyworker is not a replacement for any person, team or service already supporting you.

    This means that the Keyworker service does not offer long-term support or provide a clinical service and is not able to provide out-of-hours emergency or crisis support.

    Who to contact?

    To find out further information regarding the service please email the Keyworker mailbox.