What could a career in health and social care mean for you?

Maybe you’re a ‘people person’ and you like to help others feel good about themselves, or perhaps you’ve seen the difference high-quality care can make to a person’s life. The motivation to care for people can come from different places, but it leads to the same outcome – you are made for a job in health and social care.

Whether you have unrelated experience or you’re a graduate, there are hundreds of different opportunities waiting for someone like you. We aren’t interested in your age or your background. What’s important is your behaviour, your values and your passion for helping others.

All of these activities are delivered under the wider umbrella of health and social care…

We are taking responsibility for improving the health and wellbeing of local people as part of an initiative called New to Care, in partnership with our wider NHS colleagues.

We want to deliver high-quality services while making the best use of our resources, improving how people access care no matter what their postcode or circumstances are, and helping to achieve better health outcomes and quality of life for everyone. You can help us reach these goals and improve people’s lives.

You could join a GP Surgery as a receptionist or become a nurse, you could become a domiciliary carer or a Health Care Assistant (HCA), a podiatrist or occupational therapist, a health and wellbeing support person or work in a residential home. Wherever you choose to start, you’ll be supported with new skills, personal development and the opportunity for career progression when the time is right for you.

We don’t just look after people in our communities, we look after our staff, too. We are ready and waiting to invest in your future.

We can offer you a role that’s more than ‘just a job’. A role that’s meaningful and demanding but incredibly rewarding, doing something that makes a real difference to people’s lives.

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