Assisted delivery

1 in 8 women will require help with their delivery. In this situation a doctor (obstetrician) will discuss with you the options and recommended methods to assist with your birth.

The two types for instrument that maybe used are a ventouse (suction cup) or forceps. Both instruments are safe and the choice between them will be made with you and your baby in mind.

Assisted vaginal birth (ventouse or forceps)

Assisted vaginal birth (ventouse or forceps)


Caesarean birth

A caesarean birth can be just as satisfying as a normal birth, and if it turns out you need a caesarean birth you should not feel that you have let yourself or anyone else down. The most important thing is that you and your baby are safe.

A caesarean is a major operation that carries a number of risks, so it's usually only done if it's the safest option for you and your baby.

The cut is usually made across your tummy, just below your bikini line.

Around one in every four to five pregnant women in the UK has a caesarean.