National Medication Safety Improvement Programme (MedSIP)

Improving care for people with epilepsy, bipolar and conditions for which Valproate is prescribed is one of the four priorities in the National MedSIP. The Valproate Integrated Quality Improvement national programme  launched in November 2023, to support Integrated Care Boards to make the use of Valproate as safe as possible. The programme strives to eliminate the harm Valproate causes to babies in the womb, while providing the best possible personalised care for patients and preventing deaths from epilepsy and/or bipolar disorders. The programme has so far seen a 35% reduction in number of women of childbearing age prescribed Valproate.

Risks of Valproate

No one should stop taking valproate without advice from a specialist. This is because epilepsy or bipolar disorder may become worse without treatment, which can be harmful.

MHRA Regulatory Measures: required when prescribing valproate

Resources for patients and healthcare professionals

Please share learning from Medication Safety Events you identify.

Sharing learning from medication safety events and recording events on the national Learn from Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) service helps improve patient safety, by raising awareness and prompting local and national actions/alerts to mitigate the risks identified. If you’d like to share your learning from a medication safety event, get in touch via and mark for the attention of the Medication Safety Team.