The GP team at St Augustine’s Medical Practice

This last year has been the busiest and most stressful of my General Practice career, with the recent Group A Strep tsunami putting the practice under unprecedented levels of pressure.

Throughout this period my fellow GPs have supported each other and kept up each other's morale.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of this team and to work with such fantastic, enthusiastic and caring colleagues.

Team GP

Nursing and HCA team at St Augustine’s Surgery

St Augustine's nursing team

Please could I share the love for the Nursing and HCA team at St Augustine’s Surgery this Valentine’s day.

I am so proud and privileged be able to work as part of such a strong and resilient clinical team.  Each and every member of the nursing team is passionate about providing quality and empathic patient care that has not waivered despite a turbulent few months.

Despite ever-increasing patient demand and unprecedented levels of pressure, they have continued to work tirelessly, delivering high quality care and balancing this with running a faultless vaccination service, mentoring trainees, assisting with emergencies, all whilst supporting each other during a challenging time in the NHS.

They all come to work with a smile on their face and make special efforts to keep up morale. I feel incredibly proud to work alongside such enthusiastic, compassionate and knowledgeable colleagues.

Administration team at St. Augustine’s Medical Practice (including managers, secretaries and workflow team)

We are extremely lucky to have a brilliant administration team at St. Augustine’s Medical Practice who, despite battling uphill daily, keep doing the very best for our patients. They often deal with distressed patients, at a time when NHS access is stretched.  Sadly, this also means that they tend to bear the brunt of patient’s frustration.

Over the last three years we have had setbacks, high turnover of staff, a pandemic, and an ever-increasing workload. They turned up each day, alongside the clinicians during the pandemic, when we were worried about a mystery virus and what each day might bring.  Always professional, the team has adapted seamlessly to endless changes. They not only manned but organised our Covid vaccination and flu clinics, largely in their own time to ensure that residents of Keynsham had equal access to services.

There are many things that our administration teams do quietly in the background unnoticed. As well as managing the reception and calls, they have taken on new roles as the practice grows.

To put that into context in 2022, they

  • Made 71,000 appointments
  • Answered 60,000 calls
  • Scanned & processed upwards of 26,000 incoming letters
  • Issued 43,000 prescriptions
  • Reviewed 5,000 online contacts
St Augustine's team

Great Western Hospital (GWH)


I have unfortunately had need to use GWH facilities more in the past five years and would like to compliment the staff on their attention and professionalism.

During the increased work load over the pandemic and with the continued squeeze on finances I have found the hospital-based treatment met my expectations and needs.

The whole team at Giffords Surgery

I would like to shine a light this Valentine’s Day on the whole team at Giffords Surgery

After a tough three years for all staff in primary care, our wonderful team just keep smiling and giving and carry on!

This winter has been another tough one for the team particularly before Christmas, where all team members went above and beyond to meet the huge surge in demand. There were many late nights to ensure all those patients who needed seeing were seen.

The team always give 100% and are there for each other and our patients. Well done Giffords Team, each and every one of you are truly amazing!


Sara Roper, Practice Manager at Heart of Bath

Sara Roper

Sara has worked incredibly hard through a really difficult period as we have come out of the pandemic. She has led the Heart of Bath through 2 CQC visits and is now helping a Swindon practice who face a similar challenge.

She has endeavoured to bring staff working across multiple sites together as one team and helped us to implement changes; such as becoming a wider clinical workforce, extended access and adapting our clinics to backfill multiple staff on leave (both maternity and long term sick).

Sara has done this with a great deal of professionalism and generally wearing a smile and a positive can do attitude.

Thank you on behalf of all the partners.

Acute Stroke Unit at Royal United Hospitals Bath (RUH)

My profound thanks for the staff of the Acute Stroke Unit.

I was admitted a few weeks ago with a bleed and cannot thank the kindness, courtesy, expertise, dedication and compassion of the staff team enough. How the operation of something as complicated as the RUH is run baffles me.

Everything worked like clockwork from admission to CT scans, treatment, prescribing and discharge. Wonderful people.

My thanks too to all the people running the show behind the scenes. Clearly it is their hard work that makes the exceptional service delivery possible.

I am well now, having made a full recovery to the extent that I can drive and return to my pre-stroke life. For that, many, many thanks to you all.


Salisbury Foundation Trust (SFT)


Each month, SFT present SOX of the Month Awards - one nominated by a patient and one by a staff member. Recently, they presented the winner of the patient-nominated award, Lucy Weston, Community Midwife

Nominating her, the patient said, "Lucy has consistently gone above and beyond with regards to my antenatal care during my first pregnancy. Her advice, punctuality and professionalism has been second to none. Also, her medical knowledge, intuition and expertise have proven invaluable in alleviating any anxieties I might have faced.

"Lucy has repeatedly and irrevocably advocated for me as a patient and as a woman, particularly when respecting my birth choices and the reasons behind them. I have felt extremely lucky to have her by my side."

Lucy is pictured with Fiona McNeight, Director of Integrated Governance, and Mark Ellis, Chief Finance Officer.

Rosemary Eacott, Practice Manager at Tisbury Surgery

Rosie has worked at the surgery for over 30 years, but is still such a passionate and committed employee.

She is the constant the chaos is built around, and without her guidance I truly would have been lost over the last five years.

Thankyou Rosie for all your hard work, sense of humour and continuous demand for tea towels.

Rosemary Eacott