About BSW Academy

The BSW Academy is a new initiative as part of BSW Together enabling collaboration across health and care services for the benefit of the people working with us and those in our local communities.

The BSW Academy brings together teams from across all of our health and care providers as part of a network and mobilised through the core five pillars of: Leadership, Learning, Inclusion, Innovation, and Improvement.


Creating inclusive and united leadership development, strategy and talent management.


Increasing knowledge and skills through greater accessibility to quality training opportunities.


An expert resource for improving equality, diversity and inclusion and broader social and economic development.


A centre of excellence for encouraging and adopting innovation.


Working together to build and spread a consistent, continuous quality improvement culture.


Dr Sarah Green

The BSW Academy is an exciting and ambitious initiative bringing together people, networks, expertise and resources from all of our partners. We want to make BSW  a great place to work - providing inclusive, rewarding career progression and opportunities for all working in health and care now and in the future.

Dr Sarah Green
BSW Academy Director

Our principles and ways of working

Promote and enable an inclusive workforce with access based on need to employment, development, and career progression.

Foster innovation, with sharing of best practice and evidence.

Promote a philosophy of learning organisations with a commitment to quality improvement in all that we do.

Effectively manage and commit to accessing and utilising the talent of our people. 

Enable organisational development and cultural change through leadership that focuses on collaboration, compassion, people, and relationships.

Foster and manage external partnerships that co-create and co-design workforce solutions with us.

Embed workforce initiatives that ensure we have a workforce reflective of our diverse communities across BSW.

Collaborate for common purposes, priorities, and efficiency of resource.

Support large scale change that brings positive benefits to our people, care models and communities.

Be known as a centre of excellence promoting, sharing, and celebrating our collective ambition and achievements.

Promote team and multidisciplinary working that improves quality and sustains improvement.

Ensure all projects encompass the wider health and care focus and are reflective of our communities, patient safety and person-centred care.

Strive to ensure we are fair and inclusive with diversity at the heart of our work.