An expert resource for improving equality, diversity and inclusion and broader social and economic development for BSW communities.


The inclusion pillar is a collaboration of BSW partners who actively promote and advise on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) for our staff and for the communities that we serve.

The inclusion pillar will help BSW to become more inclusive, diverse, and equitable for everyone who works, or aspires to work within health and social care in the area.

Our EDI principles are at the core of all our activities by:

Creating a fair and inclusive organisational culture through engagement with internal and external stakeholders.

Providing accessible environments where our staff can succeed and do their best work and where our communities receive the best service.

Developing leadership to drive inclusion and a fair and inclusive culture.

Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce, investing in, and developing our talent to embed diversity at the heart of our services.

The priorities of the inclusion pillar are:

Develop BSW system approved equality, diversity, and inclusivity (EDI) principles with an assurance and sharing process of how the principles are being achieved in practice.

Maintain system-wide staff networks and a community of practice for EDI leads.

Build a staff EDI development pathway that improves succession planning and capacity and capability of EDI expertise.

Review and benchmark workforce data across the system with corresponding collaborative recovery and mitigation plans.

Implement and evaluate a BSW reverse and reciprocal mentoring model and a career mentoring scheme.

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Identify and develop EDI leadership development opportunities and enhanced integration of EDI into all existing leadership programmes.

Establish the inclusion pillar as an expert resource for EDI.

Implement methods that improve inclusive employment and work experience opportunities with participation representative of local communities.

Increase the diversity of learners on training programmes with a focus on the applicants facing the greatest structural barriers accessing education and employment.