How are we addressing inequalities in BSW?


This section contains more information on how we plan to address inequality in BSW. There is a recorded presentation that outlines what the BSW Inequalities Strategy is and how it can help all staff to act on inequalities within their scope. Public Health and the NHS work in close partnership to reduce inequalities, including the significant factors that influence inequality outside of the healthcare system. There are also three short presentations in this section that cover: what is public health, the public health workforce and ‘Making Every Contact Count’, also known as ‘MECC’.

BSW Inequalities Strategy

Find out more and download the BSW Inequalities Strategy

BSW Inequalities Strategy recorded presentation

Understanding public health

PH Introduction Part 1

PH Introduction Part 2

Making Every Contact Count (MECC)

Introduction to MECC: PowerPoint

MECC Training courses

Introduction to MECC PowerPoint

MECC BSW video



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