Developing a centre of excellence for the identification, adoption and spread of innovation that bring benefit to our staff and communities


The innovation pillar works in synergy with the other pillars of the BSW Academy to create and sustain an environment where innovation flourishes

It aims to enable an innovative culture, providing the necessary support for health and care staff across BSW to be creative, think differently and implement changes for new and improved ways of working.

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Innovation pillar priorities

Identify and increase opportunities for innovation in the system.

Create a centre of excellence inclusive of partnership working with education providers, industry, Health Education England and the Academic Health Science Network.

Identify and support innovation funding opportunities.

Implement an evaluation framework for the identification of the realised benefits from innovation.

Develop collaborative leadership skills for complexity, change and transformation.

Deliver and evaluate training and support for the adoption of innovation.

Improve the mobilisation of evidence and innovation into practice.