The Academy learning pillar supports the collaboration of BSW health and care employers and education institutes to increase knowledge and skills and optimise the quality of care we deliver to our communities via greater accessibility and quality of training opportunities across BSW.


What is the learning pillar?

The learning pillar represents the ambitions and work of the BSW system education specialists. It provides structures and forums as well as resources to enable us to work collaboratively to improve the quality, access, and support in all areas of learning and development.

Our collaborative programmes support people working and who want to work across BSW health and care by creating opportunities to learn and develop - opening doors into exciting careers in health and social care.

Who is involved?

The work of the pillar is delivered via a network of steering groups and communities of practice. Many of those involved work in an educational role across BSW either in a health and social care organisation or in an education institution, such as a school, college or university.

If you’d like to get involved please contact Vanessa Ongley (Pillar Lead) on v.ongley@nhs.net

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Learning pillar priorities

Increase clinical placement capacity for learners aligned with workforce supply priority areas and with improved quality of learner experience

Undertake an annual system wide training needs analysis and engage with our education providers to enable translation into sustainable skills, continuing professional development opportunities and service development and transformation

Promote apprenticeships as a method for enabling new and sustainable staff development and employment pathways. Explore ‘new’ apprenticeship opportunities, including those delivered collaboratively with all partners across health and social care, to enhance learning opportunities

Increase the range of training and employment supply routes for new people and those new to health and social care such as T levels, traineeships, NHS cadets and DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) initiatives such as SWAP (Sector Based Work Academy Programme) and work experience that attracts talent representative of local communities

Coordinate and deliver flexible, employer-led training pathways and supervision models for new roles and aligned to the BSW workforce strategy

Identify new models of education supply routes that promote a 'grow your own’ philosophy and reflect place-based partnerships and communities

Explore, promote and develop opportunities and pathways to support the career aspirations and retention of talent and skills for our entry level roles

Provide and facilitate collaborative solutions to ensure all providers have access to local, high quality, cost efficient or free training to enhance skills, development pathways and services

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