BSW Health and Care Professional Leadership Network goes from strength to strength

A growing network of health and care professional leaders from BSW is looking to boost its numbers and recruit more members to get involved in planning, decision making and continuous improvement across the BSW Integrated Care System.

The BSW Integrated Care Board (BSW ICB) Medical Directorate have three Health and Care Professional Directors in each locality, implementing the National Clinical and Care Professional Leadership framework. 

They are driving connectivity and collaboration through an NHS Futures page with a directory for health and care professionals, establishing a network of health and care leaders from across BSW ICS partner organisations to support wider decision making through individual areas of expertise to the benefit of the system.

The BSW Health and Care Professional Leadership Network have already come together for several events this year which provide a channel for health and care professional leaders to ensure their voices are heard in the system-wide decisions that impact the health and care of local people, emphasising the four pillars of practice for ICSs and encouraging clinicians to engage in the system.

Through coproduction the network has developed a Health and Care Professional Leadership Framework for BSW ICS; it’s vision, statements of intent and commitments, which are due to be taken to the ICS Executive Board in December, embedding a system commitment to the cross-sector leaders and professionals from across BSW.     

The network is helping to develop leadership opportunities, links with the BSW Academy, Training Hub and aims to bring in opportunities to share and a challenge to all, in developing system convening and decision-making skills.  

The network strives to continuously recruit new members, developing a Twitter social media presence @HCPLinBSW, a monthly email newsletter as well as the NHS Futures platform.

Now the growing group is looking to continue its development through recruiting new members.

Gina Sargeant, Health and Care Professional Director for Wiltshire at BSW Integrated Care Board said:

“Many of the most difficult challenges we face as an integrated care system, from protecting the vulnerable to giving children the best start in life, do not fit neatly within our organisational structures.

That is why the BSW Health and Care Professional Leadership Network has come together to help boost collaboration across organisations and sectors.

We are actively developing leaders across BSW to be confident to bring people together and be comfortable working across professional and organisational boundaries to meet the challenges of the system head on together. If this sounds like something you can help with, then we want to hear from you.”

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