Children’s Doctor Wins Award Voted by Patients and Public

A paediatric consultant from Salisbury District Hospital has won the hospital’s annual patient experience award which is chosen by members of the local community.

Dr Chris Anderson won the award for often going above and beyond, and his ability to effortlessly coordinate with his team whilst maintaining the dignity of, and respect for, his patients.

The Patient Experience Award is a special award with nominations from patients and other members of the public for hospital staff who have made a significant impact upon improving patient experience, either for an individual patient in their work department or for the wider Trust.

Stacey Hunter, Chief Executive of Salisbury District Hospital said: “The Staff Awards are a significant event in our annual calendar.  This year the patient experience award was enthusiastically embraced by our local community. The award offered the opportunity to applaud our hard-working and committed people and the efforts they make in providing compassionate care for our patients.”