How much do you know about BSW Together Integrated Care System? Survey results

Back in the May issue of #BSWTogether, we included a survey aiming to find out how much our colleagues working across BSW partner organisations knew about BSW Integrated Care System and what we could do to drive up that understanding.

Thank you to everyone who took part. We didn’t have a massive response rate  – just under 30 – but we certainly received some good ideas that we can put into place to help drive up wider understanding.

Our survey showed most people who responded to the survey worked at BSW ICB, followed by HCRG Care Group, the RUH, GWH and BaNES Council.

Everyone who responded said they were aware their organisation was part of BSW ICS and had picked up information either through working on joint projects, through internal communications channels or from reading this newsletter. The majority of respondents told us they knew a little bit about BSW ICS but wanted to know more.

In terms of how we can help to drive up understanding of BSW ICS, we received lots of great suggestions including sharing more specific examples of ICS working in practice, an online update for new starters and a simple reminder about the basics of how our ICS was formed. If you would like to pass on any more suggestions, please get in touch with us at

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.  

You can also find out more and keep up to date by watching the video below, looking out for future issues of #BSWTogether and signing up to receive our monthly public-facing ICS newsletter The Triangle: Sign up to the Triangle here

Video: What is BSW ICB?