Working with new teams – 4 tips

As the BSW Together ICS continues to develop, many of us will be working in a more collaborative way, working with different teams and meeting new people.

Here’s a few quick tips to make life easier when working with a team of new people.

Connect with people

When you’re starting out working with new colleagues and new teams, try to be yourself. Show your new colleagues that you are human and approachable by making some well intended efforts to start off on the right foot. This will mean  your skills, knowledge and expertise can be shared with increasing passion and confidence as you work together more.

Be prepared

It always helps to do your homework and often helps to do some more homework.  Find out about the background of the team you’re working with and who’s involved.

Focus on your goals

In our eagerness to impress when working as part of a new team, it’s very common to set really unrealistic goals about how much we’re going to achieve in the first few months. Set some short term personal and work goals which will help to increase your confidence. Regularly reflect on the goals so that you learn how to build on your strengths.

Ask the right questions

Our thoughts are a powerful tool that impact our emotions, behaviours and physiology. Think about all the strengths that you can bring to the team and how you will use them in a positive way to help and support your team. You could try asking  yourself  some helpful questions which will increase your sense of control and confidence:

  • What do I want to find out about today?
  • How can I support my team?
  • What strengths do I need to demonstrate today?
  • What demands will I be facing today?
  • What resources do I have available to deal with the demands?