Funding received to develop women’s health hub in BSW

Women across BSW will benefit from tailored healthcare and support by coordinating services in a new women’s health hub model which aims to improve the experience for girls and women in accessing better integrated services.

The hub will look to improve access to services for menstrual problems, contraception, pelvic pain, menopause care and more.

Along with all other ICBs across England, BSW ICB has received over £600,000 in funding until 2025 to expand or establish a women’s health hub that focuses on delivering more intermediate care in the community, taking a life course approach that better reflects the lives of girls and women and enables them to access support and care for a range of needs through a one-stop shop approach.

This approach aims to tackle what have been fairly fragmented services in terms of women’s health. To date, women are often expected to attend multiple appointments and go to different places to access these essential services.

The voices of girls and women must contribute to the development of a women’s health hub to address local population need, ensure women’s voices are heard and ensure that a woman’s age, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, or where she is from does not impact upon her ability to access services, or the treatment she receives.

The Women’s Health Hub in BSW will be developed by partners across BSW including the NHS, public health teams, the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector and engagement with local people. Scoping of what this model could look like in BSW is currently in the early stages of development and more updates will be available as the project moves forward.

Dr Amanda Webb, Chief Medical Officer at BSW ICB said:

“We are delighted to receive this funding to begin our journey to establishing a health hub for women living in BSW. Although development is at the early stages, this initiative will help us improve access to specialist services and boost the health and wellbeing of women and girls in BSW.”