ICB Director webinar highlights professional trailblazers from black or ethnic minority backgrounds

BSW Integrated Care Board’s Executive Place Director for Swindon Gordon Muvuti has delivered a keynote speech in new webinar spotlighting professional trailblazers from a black or ethnic minority background, who are forerunners in their chosen fields.

The webinar was organised by Breaking Down Barriers, a group dedicated to working with organisations across all business sectors, to develop an ethnically diverse workforce and increase black and ethnic minority representation at senior level.

Gordon qualified as a mental health nurse 20 years ago and spent his early career working in front line roles across all clinical areas in mental health  before becoming a clinical nurse specialist in psychosocial interventions.

His leadership career has included wide-ranging roles, including in governance and quality improvement, as well as several senior operational roles in community and mental health trusts and a senior strategic lead role in the Clinical Commissioning Groups in North East London.

“My journey into leadership always seemed to be an accidental one but the minute I arrived there, I was determined to fight the system and keep moving towards my goals,” Gordon says. “Throughout my career, I have experienced some very distressing episodes of discrimination. That combined with some personal grief has meant my journey has been nothing but challenging. Despite these challenges, I feel privileged to be in the position I am in to be able to help others and open the path ahead for them. I have spent the last few years mentoring my black colleagues and supporting them in their journey which I will continue to do.

Success is not about how far you climb, but rather how many people you pull up with you.”

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