Organisations unite to empower older people to be heard

An alliance of Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector organisations have come together in a programme to make Bath and North East Somerset an Age Friendly Community and drive change in the region to improve the lives of older people.

The programme will revive a local Ageing Well Forum, that hasn’t existed for over a decade, encouraging older people to speak out about the issues that are important to them and their communities.

The feedback will inform a wider Ageing Well Steering Group made up of local government, businesses, health and care services and charities. This will ensure older people’s needs and views are listened to when decisions are made.

As well as an Ageing Well Forum and steering group, the programme will also collaborate with the existing Ageing Well Network, facilitated by Bath and North East Somerset’s Third Sector Group (3SG). The network has so far welcomed 100 participants from 35 organisations supporting older adults.

Simon Allen, CEO of Age UK Bath & North East Somerset said:

“As we navigate the journey of ageing everyone’s experiences matter. I believe in giving value and a listening ear to each person, especially when decisions that affect us are being made. I’m excited that we’ll soon have a new Ageing Well Forum, the first in over ten years! This forum will help us all pay attention to what matters most to older people and in turn, take collective action. Together we can make Bath and North East Somerset a great place to grow old!”