Tackling child neglect in Swindon

Children’s charity the NSPCC has teamed up with the Swindon Safeguarding Partnership to raise awareness of child neglect in the local area.

Child neglect has been identified as a strategic priority by Swindon Safeguarding Partnership and has been the focus of safeguarding reviews in the area.

The NSPCC, which has its South West regional base in Swindon, is working alongside the safeguarding partnership to raise awareness of the impact of neglect on children and the support that is available.

Andrew Freeman, NSPCC Assistant Director for the South West and Channel Islands, is chair of the safeguarding partnership’s neglect subgroup.

He said: “Our aim is to be able to quantify the extent of neglect in Swindon, ensure that all agencies can recognise neglect at the earliest opportunity and provide an appropriate and timely response.

“We will also evaluate our practice and its effectiveness so we can assure ourselves of its quality and can continuously improve.

Hannah Woloszczynska, Swindon Safeguarding Partnership Strategic Manager, said: “Swindon Safeguarding Partnership are delighted to be partnering with the NSPCC to raise awareness of the impact of child neglect across Swindon.”

As part of the neglect awareness campaign, an array of resources for professionals, parents, and carers have been crafted by Swindon Safeguarding Partnership https://safeguardingpartnership.swindon.gov.uk