What was discussed at our last Integrated Care Board meeting in public?

The BSW Integrated Care Board met in public on 28 March.

The meeting was held at the STEAM museum in Swindon and was attended by board members as well as members of the public and other interested parties.

The agenda,  papers and full presentations from the meeting can be found in the Meeting agenda and papers file on our ICB documents and reports page

Among matters discussed were:

  • BSW ICB CEO Sue Harriman’s report (P20) which includes updates on new statutory guidance issued to all ICBs by NHS England, an update on the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination programme in BSW, and information about the current demand for services across BSW.
  • A draft version of the new BSW Implementation Plan was presented (P28). The purpose of the plan is to enable our local populations, partners and stakeholders to have a clear picture of the programmes and plans that will be delivered in support of our partnership strategy.
  • A draft Mental Health Strategy (P91) was presented and provides an overview of the key priorities and ambitions including areas of focus, co-production activity, the development of vision, aims and priorities and an overview of a delivery plan and next steps
  • A plan for recovery and transformation of dental services was also delivered (P110). The plan offers an update on plans to recover and transform dental services for our population in line with recent guidance
  • Two questions from the public were submitted by Chippenham Community Hub about communications with the VCSE sector and progress of the Oliver McGowan training programme to improve skills for staff in dealing with people with autism and learning difficulties. Answers can be found here Questions from the public – ICB Board Meeting in Public, 28 March 2024