World Suicide Prevention Day 2023 – 10th September 2023 – Creating Hope Through Action

Suicide is a major health problem with far-reaching consequences.  Creating Hope Through Action is the theme for World Suicide Prevention Day this year, and the theme serves as a call to action and reminder that there is an alternative to suicide and that actions can encourage hope and strengthen prevention.

World Suicide Prevention Day is marked on Sunday 10 September and is a day that aims to focus attention on the issue, reduce stigma and raise awareness that suicides are preventable. 

It’s also a good time for us all to think about the mental health of ourselves and others, consider how we reach out and offer connections, and take relevant actions when we or others are struggling.

The Samaritans are highlighting the importance of the language we use when we talk about suicide, especially when asking someone you’re worried about if they’re suicidal.

It’s important to talk and write about suicide safely and responsibly. Using the right language around suicide is key to breaking down stigma. When we use our words carefully we can create a safe environment for people to open up.

The Samaritans website has some useful resources, including help with how to start conversations about suicide.

The International Association for Suicide Prevention also has lots of useful resources.