In addition to resources for patients, families and carers, the Caring Steps Together programme also offers resources for healthcare professionals. Helping people to leave hospital as soon as they are medically well enough is massively important, and getting it right means their journey to recovery can begin in the best possible way. Helping patients to understand that hospital may not be the best place to recover, before they even begin their stay in hospital, can help people feel prepared and ready to make decisions about their onward care journey as early as possible.

There are resources for patients, families and carers, and also resources for staff to help make them aware that these tools are available for their use. Please use the promotional resources that include posters, screensavers and newsletters amongst your colleagues. There are also resources to help the public that can be used in the community.

Discharge Ambassadors will be available to support hospital based staff to support colleagues with the discharge process and to use the resources. Training videos are available to support staff as well as an online collaboration workspace.

Staff training videos

Caring Steps Together: Introduction

This video introduces the Caring Steps Together programme and talks about why it is so important to get the discharge process right and how the new resources will help.

Caring Steps Together: Discharge Ambassadors

This video talks about the role of the Discharge Ambassadors.

Caring Steps Together: Resources overview

This video provides a guide to the resources, their content and when and how they should be used.

Caring Steps Together: Communication and challenging conversations

This video provides some guidance and support around conversations that may take place between healthcare professionals and patients, families and carers.

Caring Steps Together: Role of the voluntary sector

This video talks about the various types of support that are available in the community from the voluntary sector to help with a patient's onward care journey.

Collaboration portal

We want to hear about the discharge process from healthcare professionals and capture any thoughts on how the Caring Steps Together Resources are working and any future ideas for support that you may require. A Glasscubes workspace has been set up to capture this feedback.


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The Caring Steps Together programme aims to improve communications around discharge from hospital.

New resources and tools help to explain to patients, families, carers and colleagues working in health and care what will happen before, during and after leaving hospital.