Become a Careers Ambassador and inspire our future workforce

Colleagues across BSW are being asked to take part in a scheme to help encourage the next generation of health and care workers to take up careers in health and care organisations across BSW.

BSW Career Ambassadors give careers advice and guidance that can inspire the next generation to become our future workforce and enter fulfilling, interesting and rewarding careers. 

Whatever the skills, qualifications or interests of the young person you speak to, there is a health and care career within BSW for everyone. Young people could work directly with service users in their own homes, in hospitals, an ambulance trust, or in a supported living environment. And once they are part of the BSW team we’ll work with them to develop their career and fulfil their potential.

The NHS offer a complete career pathway and development opportunities for progression.  Our careers can change the lives of those entering them whilst they in turn change and improve the lives of their communities.

A minimum of one to two hours a year is all it takes to help a young person take the next step in their health and care career journey.

To find out more or express an interest in becoming a BSW Career Ambassador, contact BSW Academy

You can also hear more in this short video