Line Manager training available from NHS England

NHS England are offering training programmes for line managers and those with caring responsibilities for staff.

Having safe and effective wellbeing conversations – extension of training 

NHS England have announced that the final cohort of the national “How to have safe and effective wellbeing conversations” training programme is now live. There are December dates still available and new dates for January to March will be added soon. The training is aimed at those in line management roles, or who have caring responsibilities for staff including Health and Wellbeing Champions, Professional Nurse Advocates, Professional Midwifery Advocates, clinical supervisors etc and aims to upskill colleagues with the tools and techniques to hold safe and effective conversations about health and wellbeing. 

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Final opportunity to attend a free half day, virtual training course to upskill you in handling difficult situations with compassion

The final cohort of the ‘Handling difficult situations – caring for yourself and others with compassion’ training programme is now live. The training, which is aimed at frontline, patient facing colleagues, can be accessed by those working across all sectors of the NHS – including primary care, community services and secondary care. It aims to introduce attendees to the skills and techniques that can be used to handle difficult situations, whilst maintaining a focus on how to keep yourself safe and well if you feel affected by a situation. As this is the final cohort, a limited number of places are now available.

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A Kinder Manager – The expectations of line managers in relation to people management

‘A Kind Life’ are hosting and facilitating virtual sessions on behalf of NHS England, aiming to build capability, improve behaviours and deeply explore how managers can be kind and inclusive in their approach when managing colleagues.

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