Wiltshire Health and Care specialist nurses stage successful diabetes and heart failure study day

Specialist nursing colleagues from Wiltshire Health and Care keen to reach out to clinicians have staged a well-attended study day looking at Type 2 diabetes and heart failure.

Wiltshire Health and Care’s Bethany Kelly, Clinical Lead for Diabetes and Specialist Nurse and Becky Hyland, Nurse Consultant in Heart Failure, staged a learning event for primary care staff about both type 2 diabetes and Heart failure, conditions which are intrinsically linked.

The event attracted pharmacists, newly qualified nurses, established nurses and GPs.

“Between us, we hired a venue and created a shared learning environment where we talked about both type 2 diabetes and heart failure – both intrinsically linked together as long-term conditions, “ Bethany said. “Both conditions share treatment pathways and so we often work closely together to manage them. However, in primary care, there is often confusion about both conditions, so addressing them during a one-day event was hopefully really helpful and something we will be replicating in Bath and North East Somerset and in Swindon.”

Those attending said the information passed on was excellent and that they would take learning from the day to make positive changes to their own clinical environments.

To find out more about forthcoming events in Bath contact g.kebbell@nhs.net or sarah.fitzpatrick@nhs.net in Swindon.