2,000 colleagues across BSW complete training on autism and learning disability

More than 2000 colleagues from organisations across BSW have now completed a training programme to help them have a greater understanding of the challenges faced by those living with autism and learning disabilities.

Staff have completed the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism programme which is named after a young man whose death shone a light on the need for health and social care staff to have better training so they have the knowledge to best support people with learning disability and autism.

Training has been underway since June 2023 through a BSW team made up of two Lead Trainers, eight Autism co-trainers and eight Learning Disability co-trainers. Co-trainers involved in the programme have a lived experience of autism or learning disability which makes the training particularly powerful and insightful. 

The team delivering the training are keen to increase the co-training team. If you are interested or know anyone who may be interested in joining, please contact awp.patientexperienceteam@nhs.net to request further information.