Partnership board meetings to be held in public

As part of BSW Partnership’s commitment to transparency and openness, meetings of the BSW Partnership Board will begin to take place in public this May. 

The first meeting that members of the public can observe is the BSW Partnership Board scheduled for Friday 28 May between 9am and 12pm. 

The BSW Partnership Board provides the formal leadership for the BSW Partnership and is responsible for setting strategic direction and providing oversight for the achievement of the Partnership’s strategy.  

The Board’s membership is drawn from all BSW Partner organisations and is led by an independent Chair, Stephanie Elsy.

Members of the public are welcome to attend as observers to find out more about the BSW Partnership, our progress and plans for the future. The agenda and papers will be published one week before the meeting date on the new BSDW Partnership website at

You can request to attend and observe the meeting in public, and submit a question to the BSW Partnership Board by emailing

Please note you will need to submit questions a minimum of three working days before the meeting date. The responses are read out by the Chair at the start of each meeting and are published online with the meeting papers.