Your local Pharmacist is a trained medicine expert who can dispense and advise you on the safe use of prescription, repeat prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

    All pharmacies have a private area where you can talk to a Pharmacist in confidence, and you don’t need to book an appointment to see a Pharmacist.

    Find your local pharmacy.


    Pharmacy opening times

    Most pharmacies are open until 6pm and at weekends.
    Find out the opening times for your local pharmacy.

    A number of pharmacies in BaNES, Swindon and Wiltshire have extended opening hours.
    View the list of pharmacies open late (xlsx, 17.5KB).


    Pharmacies with enhanced services for minor illnesses

    Many local pharmacies are now able to give out medicine for five common health conditions that would have previously needed a prescription from a GP.

    The conditions covered by this new initiative are sore throats, female urine infections, impetigo and dermatitis (both of which are common skin infections), and conjunctivitis.

    For help with symptoms of these conditions, simply visit one of the pharmacies listed and ask to speak to the pharmacist.

    View the list of participating pharmacies (pdf, 62.8KB).

    When should you use a pharmacy?

    • If you have a minor injury and need advice or medicine to care for yourself at home
    • If you start feeling unwell and want advice or medicine to treat yourself at home before it gets worse

    However, did you know that pharmacies do more than just dispense medicine? They also provide many other services, including: