Your help in reaching people across BSW is really appreciated. The toolkits below contain assets that have been created specifically for the BSW population. Toolkits for other campaigns and additional assets can also be found on the websites of the Department of Health & Social Care and the UKHSA.

If you have difficulties accessing the toolkits, or have assets that you would like to share please email

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Current campaign areas

Please click on the links below to explore the toolkits available to support our current campaign areas.

Admissions avoidance

Managing childhood illness

A range of content to support parents and carers to look after their children when they are poorly. There is information on how to mitigate illness, spotting the signs, self-care options and guidance on what to do when you are worried.

Campaigns toolkit


Falls prevention

Advice and tips on how to mitigate the risk of falls.

Campaign toolkit



This toolkit will be available in early February 2024.


This toolkit will be available in early February 2024.

Supporting system flow and pressure


This toolkit supports the Caring Steps Together programme that provides a range of assets to help healthcare professionals, patients and families understand the discharge process from hospital and what options may be available to them.

Campaigns toolkit

Further information

Appropriate service use

Max Investigates - service use videos

A light-hearted series of films, with an important message. Follow 6-year old Max has he investigates the range of health care options available in the BSW area - "asking the difficult questions so you don't have to".

Max Investigates toolkit (docx, 2.17MB)

Max Investigates Screensaver (zip, 1.25MB)

Social media assets (zip, 7.31MB)

Social media suggested posts (docx, 5.18MB)

Did Not Attends (Primary Care)

Assets for use within Primary Care settings to encourage appointment attendance. 

Campaign toolkit and messaging guidance

Digital Screens

Social media graphics


Self care

Antibiotic awareness

A series of assets to provide content to inform people about the correct use of antibiotics and the risks associated with poor use.


Antibiotic antimicrobial awareness assets (zip, 1.83MB)

BSW YouTube video

Mental self care

Assets containing top tips for looking after mental wellbeing.



Winter flu symptoms

Assets to explain the difference between a cold and flu and how to self-manage.

Communications toolkit

Is it the flu or a cold (zip, 2.2MB) assets

Smear test barriers

Graphics and messages to help tackle the barriers to attending smear test appointments.

Social media graphics

Social media messages

Easter prescriptions

Assets to help nudge people to order their prescriptions in plenty of time before the bank holiday. 

Social media messages

Social media graphics

Digital screens

Did Not Attends

Assets for use within Primary Care settings to encourage appointment attendance. 

Campaign toolkit and messaging guidance

Digital Screens

Social media graphics


Risk stratification

Communications toolkit for GP Practices to use to explain the role of risk stratification to patients and the public.

Campaign toolkit

Social media graphic


Pharmacy First

Posters, social media graphics and digital screens to promote the seven conditions that pharmacies can now support without the need for a prescription from a GP. More assets from NHSE coming soon!

Social media toolkit

Poster for pharmacies

Poster for other establishments

Key messages

Other campaigns

Hello Baby

A series of antenatal education films and assets for women, birthing partners and their families.

Stickers for patient notes


Cost of living support

Find more information on the Cost of Living Support page.  Assets to support specific localities are provided below.

BaNES cost of living assets (zip, 1.02MB)

Swindon cost of living assets (zip, 1.22MB)


Strep A and children's health

Materials to support parents and carers so they understand the risks associated with Strep A and what to do if they are worried.

Children's health and Strep A Toolkit (docx, 3.43MB)

Campaign graphics (zip, 7.3MB

RSV YouTube video

Strep A YouTube video with Emma Watson, Senior Sister in GWH ED

(Videos are also available to download - please email

MMR - signs and symptoms

A series of assets to educate the public on what to look out for if they suspect measles.


Maternity and Neonatal Independent Senior Advocate

A toolkit to help promote this new service. 


Current campaigns






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